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By creating customised solutions for different business verticals and above all by ensuring that everyone in India has access to the best that the world of electronic surveillance has to offer. Compel has dedicated itself to fulfilling this need by providing professional service combined with state-of-the-art technology.

We provide products & services used in the manufacturing of high-quality CCTV products, Our team of professionals combine hard earned experience in the security business as well as in different business verticals. This has helped us create customised solutions that can meet their unique needs.

For Commercial

Boost security and safety for staff and visitors with a COMPEL CCTV system, which we can also connect with any on-site intruder or acess control system.

Compel Commercial range of SYSTEMS generated at a particular customer requirement depends on how much of the survelliance it required for the system itself.

For Residential

Whether you need a simple front door camera or a more complex system, our team will take into account factors such as lighting and positioning in order to achieve the optimal solution.

Compel offers quality cameras and lenses with a bult-in LED automatic lightning system. These features provide a high resolution, colour picture during the day and a black and white at night.

Our Planning and Design Services Include:

With over 8 years experience, Our highly skilled team ensures the completion of each CCTV project from projections to commissioning including its operation and maintenance.

Some points we are keep focus on providing the best to our customers.

  • Prepare Site Remodeling
  • Specify Components
  • Install Cameras
  • Install DVRs
  • Exceptional standards
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Craftsmanship and Quality
  • Quality and Value
  • Highest Standards
  • On Time and on Budget

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We understand that every proprty is unique and deserves a tailor made surveillance solution. Our Expert will assess your property and advise on the most suitable CCTV equipment based on your space and requirements.

Compel offers the widest range of surveillance products and accessories. The product range includes HD, IP and wireless solutions along with cable, SMPS, Racks, Connectors, etc.

Compel deals in providing time attendance and access control solutions through fingerprint, face recognition, veins, and RFID. The solution range also includes Boom Barriers, Turnstiles, Canteen Management, Guard Patrolling, and Metal Detectors.

Connecting your office or factory with a private exchange, Compel provides EPABX for SOHOs to corporate and government organization. Compel deals in both digital and IP PBX and also provides Telephones, Cables, and other accessories required for successful installation.

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