We undertake Solar Turnkey Projects for control & instrumentation package including engineering, procurement, installation & Commissioning on turnkey basis Control system package including PLC, SCADA, DCS with commissioning assistance

It is perfect for Industry, a tailor made solution is also an effective solution for commercial/Industrial applications which help in integration of scada with existing systems.

Utility-scale solar resources are complex and generate large amounts of data. The equipment at these sites create thousands of data points. Actions require immediate analysis and response. To address the unique challenges to maximize PV power generation, a SCADA system with precise monitoring and detailed analysis capabilities is needed.

From reporting to forecasting, Compel provides a complete utility-scale SCADA system, including measurement, automation, logic, and performance management. It’s exactly what you need to maximize uptime, meet revenue commitments, optimize asset life, and fine tune performance.

Compel SCADA solution combines intelligent automation, real-time control and a highly intuitive user interface. SCADA lets you reach across your entire portfolio or down to any device at any site. You can also let the system automate routine actions, process external commands, and deliver exact power values at the point of interconnection.

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